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Imagine secretly knowing what others really think. “Should I hold out for a higher bid?” “Did she abuse her position?” “Was it really an accident?” The advantage of possessing this kind of information is invaluable!

Whether you’re a negotiator, attorney, physician or even a suspicious spouse, there are many benefits of “reading between the lines”.

Deception Management is more than lie detecting. It is a program that teaches lie detecting as well as how to recognize what others feel, what they actually mean regardless of what they say, and more. It is learning to obtain what others don’t want you to know. That information may be hidden behind a lie or simply unstated.

For example, in a multi-million dollar negotiation, you suggest an amount. After some hesitation, the other side agrees. You assume their hesitation means that your offer is to your advantage, not theirs and you sign the contracts.

Now consider the same negotiation, except that your have been trained in deception management techniques. As the other side hesitates, you catch an ever-so-slight expression of joy. You know their hesitation was an act to make you believe you are getting the better deal. In fact their “joy” indicates their happiness with the offer and they were expecting an agreement that was less favorable for them. In other words, not recognizing the hidden expressions could have cost you millions of dollars.

Training seminars consist of three parts. You may choose which component(s) best suit your needs but it is recommended all be utilized for a comprehensive training session as they are built one upon the other.

Seminars may also be scheduled for:

  • in-house group training
  • business events
  • corporate retreats
  • career or academic conferences

To schedule a training seminar, contact us for availability and details.

Learn How to Read People

Learn How to Detect Subtle and Micro Expressions
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